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Concrete Removal Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

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Professional Concrete Removal and Replacement

As durable as concrete is, it still has a lifespan and when it begins to approach the end of this lifespan it continually becomes more deteriorated to the point that it cant be saved. At this point the concrete will need to be removed and replaced.

If there are any underlying problems, we will detect them during our pre-removal evaluation. Areas with heavy foot traffic and other unusual activity will put a strain on any kind of concrete floor. If these factors are taken into consideration before the replacement we can plan for it and ensure that the concrete will hold up and your new concrete will have a longer lifespan. Many properties don't take this into consideration and they experience premature concrete deterioration. We will install reinforced concrete pads to ensure it withstands any heavy weight or foot traffic.

Our Concrete Removal & Replacement Process Ensures Long Lasting Concrete

We begin by saw cutting the deteriorated concreted followed by excavation below the existing grade, then the complete removal of any dug out material to a proper dump site. We then compact the base to ensure it is stable for the new concrete that will be poured on top. The real replacement begins with pouring new concrete over the excavated area while we also install any reinforcements or any other specifications to ensure that the new concrete will last longer than the old concrete. We will then stamp, color, or stain the new concrete to achieve whatever look you desire.

Concrete Replacement Services In Southeastern Wisconsin

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